Water is one of nature's most important gifts to mankind. Although water covers more than 70% of the Earth, only 1% of the Earth's water is available as a source of drinking.
Telemetry is important in water management, including water quality, stream gauging functions and equipment surveillance. Nowadays, the availability and widespread use of the Internet, coupled with advances in wireless telemetry, provides the forecaster, and other users, with a powerful set of tools to obtain real time information on which to make decisions.

Unattended & Remote

The unattended and remote nature of many water management applications as river level & flow gauging, groundwater monitoring, lake and reservoir level monitoring, leak detection in distribution pipelines, sewer water monitoring, implies the need to operate from a DC power source, such as a battery.
Infinite offers maintenance free solutions for these kind of applications, based on the ADU-500 and BSC-50E autonomous RTU/data loggers. Particularly ADU-500 supports data collection from a wide range of water management related sensors, based on the SDI-12 protocol. iLOGPlus-GSM supplied from a rechargeable battery combined with a solar cell, can be applied in applications demanding more measurement channels and real time data monitoring. Both solutions combine reliability in harsh environmental conditions with the flexibility of wireless internet telemetry.

Remote control, Alerting & M2M

Uses of water include agricultural, industrial, household, recreational and environmental activities. Nowadays, automation and remote control systems are spreading among water management infrastructures, either in drinking water or irrigation water supply networks.
Infinite offers advanced remote control & alerting solutions based on the powerful SCOM-100 GSM controller. Combined with a dedicated OPC Server, SCOM-100, can be integrated in SCADA systems for water management installations, as pump houses, water treatment plants, water reservoirs, etc. Specific fault alert SMS messages can be directed to the maintenance personnel. The simple and transparent command structure of the controller facilitates the development of complicated M2M applications.

Description File
ADU-500 V:4.x, Autonomous RTU/Data Logger Brochure V:4.0 ADU-500_4x English.pdf
WAT, Cloud Server Brochure V:1.1 WaT Datasheet.pdf
ARC-10: A building block for M2M ARC-10, A building block for M2M.pdf
M2M Reservoir Level Control M2M Reservoir Level Control.pdf
ADU-500, Autonomer RTU/Datenlogger, Broschüre V:2.2 ADU-500 German.pdf
In situ measurement of soil moisture In situ measurement of soil moisture.pdf
BSC-50E, Autonomer RTU/Datenlogger, Broschüre V:3.0 BSC50E German v4.5.pdf
Wireless controllers presentation Wireless Controllers.pps
Autonomous RTUs presentation BSC50v4.pps
BSC-50E Autonomous RTU/Data Logger Brochure V:3.0 BSC50E English v4.5.pdf
M2M water tank & pump remote control M2M water tank & pump remote control.pdf
Municipal water monitoring Municipal water monitoring.pdf
Sewer water monitoring Sewer water monitoring.pdf
Advanced Irrigation System Advanced Irrigation System.pdf
Simple Irrigation System Simple Irrigation System.pdf

M2M application utilizing two intercommunicating SCOM-100 units in the waste water treatment installation of the Posestvo Pule Hotel in Slovenia.
Courtesy of ARNE d.o.o.

Flow/Level measurement RTU, based on ADU-500-C. Certified by Verizon Wireless. Courtesy of Utility Systems Science and Software, USA.