Cell site monitoring

Cellular networks use distributed base stations, also called cell sites for providing radio coverage over a wide geographic area. A standard cell site has several active and passive components, requiring routine maintenance and adjustments. Today, operators are increasingly relying on remote monitoring to perform repairs and maintenance from a central office.
Off-grid cell sites are not connected to the public electrical grid. Usually the system is off-the-grid because of difficult access or lack of infrastructure. Fuel cell or other backup power systems are added to critical cell sites to provide emergency power. More sites use internal-combustion-engine-driven generator sets. In a remote cell site, power issues are one of the most fundamental items that operators will wish to monitor. Other monitoring issues include diesel fuel level, backup battery readiness, temperature and humidity, smoke and water, tower lighting, door open and motion detection, etc.
Infinite BSC-50E autonomous RTU/Data logger is a incomparable solution in terms of reliability, due to its power independency, for monitoring critical items in an off-grid cell site.
SCOM-100 GSM Controller with I/O expansion capability can be applied for the complete surveillance of an unmanned remote cell site. Individual alerting directed to authorized maintenance personnel, can speed up fault localization and recovery, and avoid down times. Learn more »

Computer room monitoring

Environmental monitoring of a computer room, for its humidity and temperature levels, is crucial for safe operation. Temperature and humidity sensors are typically deployed in potential “hot zones” inside the server room or data center and near air conditioning units to detect failure of such systems.
When multiple air conditioning systems are available in a room, then a failure of one system will initially be compensated by the others before it may lead to a total failure of the cooling system due to overload. As a result temperature/airflow sensors are recommended near each unit to get early failure detection.
Humidity in server rooms should be between 40% and 60% rH. Infinite SCOM-100 GSM Controller with I/O expansion capability can be applied for monitoring temperature and humidity in server rooms. Individual alerting directed to authorized maintenance personnel can prevent valuable equipment failure. Learn more »

Description File
ADU-500 V:4.x, Autonomous RTU/Data Logger Brochure V:4.0 ADU-500_4x English.pdf
WAT, Cloud Server Brochure V:1.1 WaT Datasheet.pdf
ARC-10: A building block for M2M ARC-10, A building block for M2M.pdf
MPC-214 Technical Brochure, English MPC214_LF.pdf
Wireless controllers presentation Wireless Controllers.pps
Autonomous RTUs presentation BSC50v4.pps
Intelligent traffic control Intelligent traffic control.pdf
Radio Towers Monitoring Radio Towers Monitoring.pdf
Computer room monitoring and alarming Computer room monitoring and alarming.pdf

ARC-10 facilitates remote administration and monitoring of a traffic lights controller via GPRS and SMS.
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SCOM-100 can monitor operation and measurements on wind or solar parks via GPRS and the Internet. It can also reduce down times, by notifying authorized maintenance personnel via SMS.