SCOM-100 is a powerful GSM controller for alerting and remote control using SMS. The rail mount unit incorporates a Quad Band GSM/GPRS modem, 2 analog inputs, 4 digital inputs with retentive pulse counting capability, 4 power relay outputs and a serial RS-232 port.

I/O Expansion capability

A variety of I/O expansion units (analog inputs, digital I/O & counters) can be cascaded on the serial I/O expansion bus to meet the application requirements.

Time Schedules

Up to 80 Time Schedule programs can be stored in the SCOM-100 power fail safe memory, 10 programs for each day of a week and 10 programs on daily base. A Time schedule program can be attached to a relay output, permitting up to eight ON/OFF switching sequences per day. You can easily enter, edit and download zone programs for Irrigation, Lighting Control, Access Control, etc, using the WA Manager Software. A zone program can be dynamically changed using SMS.

The Infinite advantage

SCOM-100 employs simple ASCII configuration commands for unit setup and control. All setup commands can be passed and tested using a terminal on the PC. The same ASCII commands are valid for controlling and configuring the unit via SMS. This transparent interface simplifies the unit integration in custom software systems and intercommunication with other devices as PLC, terminals, etc. The rich command set features commands for configuring input alarm parameters, setup of time schedule programs, control functions like on/off and PID control, defining user groups and controlling system outputs with time related parameters.


  • 4 digital inputs, configurable as counter inputs, expandable to 36.
  • 2 analog inputs, expandable to 18.
  • 4 power relay outputs, expandable to 20.
  • Simple SMS commands for both configuration & control.
  • SMS commands can be passed through the local serial port for testing and commissioning.
  • Advanced functions as ON/OFF & PID control, Time schedules, etc.
  • Discrete recipient alerting.
  • Easy firmware upgrade.

Professional features - SCADA over GPRS

An OPC Server is available for connecting SCOM-100 units to popular SCADA systems. The OPC Server supports several, distributed SCOM-100 units, limited only by the total I/O number. Static IP or VPN network addresses for the SCOM-100 units are not required. All SMS functionality remains intact during GPRS operation.


  • Home & garden automation
  • Building management & facility control
  • Security, Fire and Smoke alerting
  • Tank level monitoring, more »
  • Irrigation control, more »
  • Lighting control
  • Greenhouse controls
  • M2M systems, more »

Ordering Codes

Code Description
SCOM-100 GSM/GPRS Controller, 12..24VDC


Power supply
Supply voltage 12..24 VDC, 26VDC max
Supply current 30mA to 0.25A max (all DO on), 2A peak
Digital inputs 4, 0-30VDC, expandable to 36 by means of 8 GE- DIO-42 modules
Pulse counters 4, retentive, 2KHz, common with DI 1-4, expandable to 36 by means of 8 GE-DIO-42 expansion modules
Digital outputs 4, relay 250V/8A (AC1), expandable to 20 by means of 8 GE- DIO-42 modules
Analog inputs 2, AI1: 0-10V, 0-1V, AD592 temperature sensors, AI2: 0-20/4-20mA, expandable to 18 by means of 4 GE-AI-4 modules
Wireless modem Quad Band GSM/GPRS (850/900/1800/1900MHz)
RF connector SMA Jack
Serial interface RS232C, up to 921 kBit/s
Temperature -10°...+55°C, operating
Indications LED, I/O & control states
Dimensions 106 x 90 x 58 mm
Weight 0.3 kg
Mounting DIN rail
Command set Over 100 ASCII SMS commands for system configuration, alarm settings and remote control
Name Description Download
SCOM100 Firmware V:1.3

SCOM100 Firmware V:1.3

SCOM100 Application Firmware
Product Brochures
Document File
SCOM-100 Technical Brochure, English SCOM-100_English.pdf
WAT, Cloud Server Brochure V:1.1 WaT Datasheet.pdf
SCOM-100 Technical Brochure, German SCOM-100_German.pdf
Technical Documents
Document File
SCOM-100 User Guide SCOM Manual 2.0.pdf
WA Manager User Guide V:6.0 WA Manager V6.0.pdf
SCOM-100 Easy Setup Guide SCOM_Easy Setup Guide.pdf
SCOM-100 Analog Inputs Calibration SCOM_recalibration.pdf
M2M communication between SCOM-100 units SCOM-Communication Between Units.pdf
SCOM-100 OPC Server, User Guide SCOM-100 OPC Server.pdf
SCOM-100 - Frequently asked questions ScomFAQ.pdf
Application Documents
Document File
Simple Irrigation System Simple Irrigation System.pdf
Advanced Irrigation System Advanced Irrigation System.pdf
Earth Ground Fault Monitoring in urban MV Stations Earth Ground MV substations.pdf
Municipal water monitoring Municipal water monitoring.pdf
Computer room monitoring and alarming Computer room monitoring and alarming.pdf
M2M water tank & pump remote control M2M water tank & pump remote control.pdf
Radio Towers Monitoring Radio Towers Monitoring.pdf
Document File
Wireless controllers presentation Wireless Controllers.pps