WaT is a cloud based web server for telemetry applications. It supports all of Infinite's devices as well as few 3rd party devices. The server is a host for multiple clients and user accounts allowing seamless 24/7 unmanned device telemetry with centralized data management.


  • Support for all Infinite product ranges including BSC-50, ADU-500 & SCOM-100.
  • Web interface accessible using any browser & device.
  • Geographical map toolset to manage & supervise devices.
  • A secure cloud back office offers device connectivity via SMS FTP, Email, Text files & TCP socket.
  • Rule based alarm event forwarding & notification.
  • Interface design allows use for any kind of application.


Device & data management

The WaT server database is Microsoft SQL Server. There is a comprehensive set of tools for users to:

  • Create and mange groups of devices.
  • View, edit, delete, search & export data.
  • Plot graphs and correlate measurement data in graphs.
  • Create plot templates.
  • Retrieve data backups.
  • Configure user rights & restrictions.
  • Configure rule based alarm event forwarding & notification via email, SMS or twitter.

Alarming & annunciation

  • Manage alarm data and plot graphs.
  • Configure rules for server based alarm annunciation.
  • Configure rules for server based alarm annunciation.
  • Forward alarms & notifications via email, SMS or twitter.
  • Acknowledge alarms via SMS or email.


Geographical maps

  • Visualise alarms on maps.
  • View groups of devices status.
  • Plot GPS position data.

Data backup

  • User data are stored securely and backed up 24/7 with redundancy.
  • Users can export telemetry data and create backups.


Host address
Frond end Microsoft, runs on any browser or device
Server HW Cloud based, 2X HP Proliant DL380G5, (2XQuad Xeon 3Ghz, 16GB, 4TB HD)
Modems QSM26, GSM/GPRS Quad Band
Internet Cloud VDSL connected


  • Remote telemetry
  • Remote monitoring, alarming & control
  • Central telemetry data management
  • Multi user applications

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