iLOGPlus Transporter is a powerful utility for commissioning an iLOGPlus RTU/Data Logger device using a PC.
The application supports:

  • Editing a device configuration on the PC.
  • Uploading a user configured parameter file to the iLOGPlus device.
  • Downloading the current device configuration.
  • Downloading the FIFO data in a PC file.
  • Archiving configurations in a data base file and reporting.
  • Exporting a parameter configuration in a file.
  • Upgrading the device firmware.

Hardware requirements

  • Personal computer running Microsoft Windows XP or Windows 7.
  • Serial RS232 port or a USB to serial adapter, 9600 to 115200 bps.
Description File
iLOGPlus Transporter User Guide iLOGplus Transporter v1.0.pdf