Infinite Informatics Ltd.

Infinite is established by a team of engineers with remarkable academic studies, long experience in electronics design & manufacture and proven expertise in industrial engineering, telematics and embedded software development. The company's mission is to provide high quality & reliability products and services to its customers.
The business and marketing concept of the company consists of:

  • Development according to the actual market needs and customer demands.
  • Utilization of reliable, trust-worthy and right-to-the-edge technology.
  • Turn-around product delivery and service fulfillment within time limits.
  • Cost effective solutions: the right price for the right product.

Nowadays, the company's productive activities comprise low-cost, internet enabled data acquisition devices as RTU/Data Loggers, wireless alarming RTUs and custom devices.
In Infinite, we design, develop and produce our own software and hardware. The assembly of printed circuit boards is done in a fully-automated SMD/THT production line in Petritsi, Bulgaria. We are capable of creating unique integrated solutions, which are reliable, compatible, cost effective and easy to use. Infinite is headquartered in Thessaloniki, Greece and has distributors and partners all over the world.
End customers using Infinite's telemetry products are:

  • Verhaertspace, Verhaert Satellites & Platforms, Belgium
  • Oslo metro, Norway
  • Network Rail, UK
  • Numerous Water Companies in USA
  • Dublin Airport, Ireland
  • State of Vatican City, Italy
  • Novartis Pharma AG, Basel, Switzerland
  • Ciba Kaisten AG, Kaisten, Switzerland
  • NESTEC SA, Nestlé PTC Orbe, Switzerland
  • Port of Singapore, Singapore
  • Vivartia, Goodys restaurants, Greece
  • Public Power Corporation S.A., Greece